Dancing Ancient and New

Rock painting of Neolithic dancers, Algerian Sahara
 I've recently been re-reading the book, Lady and the Beasts and, I am once again inspired by the following passage;
   "...Dancing grew out of observing the movements of animals and implies human identity with them. Dance gave rise to rapture, which led to consciousness, the realization of death, and the hope of rebirth. Out of this art is born."
Buffy Johnsn- Lady and the Beasts
    It takes me back to the time when I was pregnant with my son Roman and one evening under a full moon I felt magically inspired to create the 'Animal Spirit' dance.

The 'Animal Spirits' dance was performed in the 2001 production of 'Anima Mundi' 
at the Denman Island Hall and 'Axis Mundi', the story of the Witches at the 
Sid Williams Theatre, Courtenay B.C. 2003