World Dance Day Show on Denman Island

Ole! Las Gitanas de la Isla

Thanks to everyone that came out to see the show and, big thanks to all the performers that shared their dances! Although is was not a big audience it was an appreciative one and all the expenses where covered. The show was beautiful and featured a diverse selection of dances from modern improv to Flamenco, Egyptian belly dance to ballet and, jazz lyrical to Turkish Roman 'gypsy' dance. These beautiful photos from the show were taken by dancer, Sheelagh Mackenzie. Hope to do this again next year for World Dance Day April 29th 2012!

Jade DeTrey

Amy Stewart

Jade and Ahn Le of Methuselah Dance

Egyptian dance w/ drummer Bruce Campbell

Amy Stewart

Sheelgh, Kristin, LeeAndra and Heather

Cathy Stoyko


Las Gitanas de la Isla

Lynette Harper