Lots of inspiring dancing going on!

Feeling grateful for all the inspiring dance happening in my life and around me! Belly for the Beast was better than ever and, as always, such a wonderful gathering kindred dance sisters. Thanks Pacifica! Hope to see video footage and photos soon from the show and post some here.

Photo from 'Stars in the Moonlight show' in Victoria Oct 9th
Pictured above is Laura Filipovic dancing a cane dance with the Dahab Dance Ensemble.

I rarely venture South of Naniamo but last weekend, Oct 8 &9 I ran away to Victoria for workshop and a show. I attended workshops with the fabulous Luciterra ladies and Laura Filipovic of the Dahab Dance Ensemble, both were excellent and very different. Luciterra shared combinations from their brand new, in progress, never seen before choreography that was challenging and innovative. Intensely complex and bold movements to awesome heavy dub step music- Move by Rachel Roy, Tru-Sound New York feat. Krista.  They are not only strong performers but excellent teachers as well. They create dances collaboratively and co teach classes and workshops. Lucky ladies to have found each other, so equally strong, unique and, captivating as performers and teachers. Lucky us for being there! You can see the jazz and various other dance training coming through making their style so dynamic. This was actually their 1st out of town workshop! Scheming to bring them to the Comox Valley in the new year to teach a workshop in Cumberland. 
The workshop with Laura Filipovic was completely different and equally great. I so enjoyed the Khaleegy dance choreography by Laura. She has such a love and respect for Middle Eastern dance which comes through in her dancing and teaching. Really wish I had a 'thobe nashal' now, essentially a beautiful embroidered mu mu traditionally worn by women in countries of the Arab Gulf (Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Dubai, and the United Emirates). Khaleegy is a joyful, women's social dance that is done at celebrations, weddings, and holidays. Such a joy to dance with Laura.
The workshops and show were organized by Candice of Harmony Belly in Victoria, great job Candice!