Upcoming Workshop in Cumberland, Oct. 22nd

Kalbelia, Rajasthani ‘gypsy’ dance Workshop 
w/Cathy Stoyko 
Saturday, Oct. 22nd 1-5PM 
at the Abbey Studio                                 
1st & Penrith Ave. Cumberland

Kalbelia SAPERA dance
The Kalbelia are a semi nomadic tribe living in the Thar desert in Rajasthan, India.  They are renowned dancers, musicians and snake charmers identified as “gypsies” in modern Indian culture. Sapera means serpent and, is the dance of the Kalbelia tribe. 

*Learn a vocabulary of movements 
*a simple semi improvised choreography 
*cultural and costuming info  
*workshop followed by a vegetarian potluck

Please pre register by Oct 22nd , call 250 218-0704
Bring a long full skirt and veil to class, I will have some extras.