HAFLA in Cumberland December 10th

A Middle Eastern dance party for dancers, friends and family!
I am looking forward to our end of session Full Moon HAFLA. It seems the last time there was a Hafla at the Abbey in Cumberland it was also a full moon, on December 12, 2008.
 Hafla is the Arabic word for a party and, usually involves dancing (casual performances and spontaneous social dancing), music, food and drink (depending on the culture). Among belly dancers this term is commonly used for gatherings to celebrate our love of dance.  A Hafla provides an opportunity to connect with other dancers and, to share our dances with each other in a supportive atmosphere. Dancers in my Wednesday night class will be performing a Balkan Romany dance and, a tribal fusion belly dance. Monday morning devotional dance class will share a Shiva prayer dance. Edith Jacob's class will be performing dances they have been working on, including an Egyptian style dance with live drumming! Also, local and visiting dancers both seasoned and new will share their love of dance, latest creations and spontaneous expressions. 
There will be a potluck at 7PM (bring finger food, desserts and, drinks to share), followed by informal performances and dancing for all with DJ Sista Karmalita! Anyone is welcome to perform and can contact me in advance by email at cdstoyko@uniserve.com or by phone at (250) 218-0704 or, just come and let me know when you arrive if you'd like to perform. The line up will be put together that night. Feel free to bring percussion instruments and costumes to sell or trade. Donations will be accepted at the door to cover expenses, suggested donation $5. The Abbey Studio is located at the corner of 1st & Penrith Ave. in Cumberland just behind the Waverly Hotel. Hope to see you there!