Locks, Pops, Ticks and Stops

The talented and dynamic fusion belly dance group Luciterra will be performing again this summer at the Big Time Out Festival in Cumberland. The Abbey Studio is hosting 
workshops co taught by these lovely ladies on Sat. Agust 18th

 The afternoon w/s is already full but due to popular demand they will be offering a second workshop from 9-11:30AM. 
        Register now to avoid dissapointment, this one is bound to fill up fast too!

Popping - abrupt, hard hitting movement that appears out of nowhere, then vanishes. Instant, abrupt, enigmatic.
Locking - movement that hits hard and stays there!
Ticking - the use of muscular isolation to break a movement into smaller and smaller increments to appear like a broken toy, or mechanical object.
Stop! - Coming out of a movement or combination by stopping abruptly, as though you hit the pause button!

Using these techniques can be a captivating way to translate glitchy and staccato sounds in music into movement. Great for dancers who love electronic music, as well as for acoustic music with unexpected and percussive instrumentation. 

Open to all levels, some bellydance experience is helpful!

To register email Cathy at cdstoyko@uniserve.com and mail a cheque for $40 to:
Cathy Stoyko
Box 1196
Cumberland B.C.
V0R 1S0