Dance Creation

Dance Creation & Performance Skills (for solos and duets)

Tuesday evenings  6:00- 7:30PM   
Nov. 6th - Dec. 11th at the Abbey Studio, 1st & Penrith Ave. Cumberland

*Create your own solo dance or duet 
*Explore performing, dance creation and story telling through choreographed movement

    In this class students will choose a piece of music to work with during  the 6 week session and create an original choreography. We will start with a warm up go on to play games/exercises designed to enhance our performance skills, self expression, musical interpretation... and topics like mapping a piece of music, dance notation, stage usage, using props, projection, professional conduct, costuming, make up...

*Students will be encouraged to bring their own personal stories and unique expression to their dances and will share work in progress in class within a supportive group. 
*All styles of music/dance are welcome, express yourself! 
*There will be some homework. 
Optional* Share your dance creation at  the Hafla on December 15th

 *Mixed level class, geared to anyone wanting to explore performing, choreography and self expression through dance

                                 Please contact me to pre register, $60/6 weeks
 (250) 218-0704 FMI  or email

I plan to share my own dance creation process, techniques and tips I've learned along the way from my many great teachers and, my own experiences and insights.
Creating choreography and performing have been a long time passion and I'm looking forward to sharing this new offering!