Smart & Sassy with Luciterra!

You can email if you would like to be put on the waiting list in case there there are any cancellations or changes. 

I have some exciting news, Luciterra will be performing at Atmosphere Gathering in Cumberland this coming August and will offer a 'Smart & Sassy' workshop at the Abbey on August 15th. This is a  rare opportunity to study with all four members (co-teaching) in an intimate studio setting. The workshop is limited to 16 participants so register asap to avoid disappointment!

Workshop time and date~

Sat. August 15th, 10AM-12PM at the Abbey Studio in Cumberland, 2687 Penrith Ave. (entrance on 1st St.)

Workshop description (this sounds fun!)~
Smart & Sassy: Luciterra Signature Choreography

Fun, upbeat, dynamic and complex, Luciterra's choreography will highlight the intelligence of your body movement while allowing your personality to shine! We will begin with a thorough warm-up and conditioning section and then drill some of the core moves used in this workshop. We will then teach the choreo, offering modifications for various levels to be appropriate and challenging for all! Make this your own! Bring it home, chop it up, put it on stage, modify it, turn it inside out! Our hope is that it will inspire a new way of looking at your own choreographies, and unleash your smart and sassy side!

This is a mixed level workshop, and the choreography being learned is best done with at least some bellydance experience, but even total beginners would have lots to chew on and would enjoy themselves! 

Cost~ $45

Have a wonderful, dance’full summer and I hope to see you there,
Cathy Stoyko
FMI call (250) 218-0704 or email