Farima Berenji Weekend Intensive Feb. 3/4/5, 2017

Hello dancers, 
I am excited to announce that Farima Berenji will be here in the Comox Valley February 3/4/5, 2017 for dance performances, a Sema Gathering aka Sufi whirling, Zikr healing circle and, two full days of dance workshops. On Saturday Farima will be teaching Raqs-e-Pari or Dance of the Fairies a veil/canapy dance and, on Sunday we will take a dance journey along the legendary Silk Road to UzbekistanRegistration is now open for Farima's upcoming weekend intensive at the Abbey Studio in Cumberland. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to learn dances, sufi whirling, history... from a master teacher, international touring artist and scholar. Register soon, space is limited to 16 max. See full details below and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions.
Hope you can join us, 

About Farima~

Farima Berenji travels worldwide to perform, teach dance and wellness. Her love and passion for dance and history has led her on an extraordinary life-long journey throughout the world, from her home countries Iran and Azerbaijan to other neighboring Silk Road countries such as Armenia, Kurdistan, and Turkey. Farima is strongly connected to spirituality & healing and is under the guidance and teaching of Mevlana Order Sufi master and dervish Dr. Rahmi Oruç Güvenç of Turkey. She hopes to guide people to the historic beauty and richness of the Silk Road culture and to help people find their inner bliss through dance, music, and sacred healing. For more info about Farima visit farimadance.com

Schedule of events and details~

Friday Evening Show and Sema Gathering Feb. 3rd, 2017

The Abbey Studio in Cumberland welcomes back international dance artist and scholar Farima Berenji for an evening of dance performances, poetry and sufi whirling. We will start the evening with Persian traditional, classical and sacred dance performances by Farima and Simorgh (Farima’s Comox Valley Dance Collective). Following the dance performances, with Farima’s guidance we will learn personal and spiritual Sema or Sufi Whirling as well as other turning practices, while listening to sacred poetry and music. Feel free to bring a percussion instrument or poem to share. People that wish to participate in the Sema Gathering are encouraged to wear white or light coloured clothing and, socks or soft soled shoes are recommended for whirling. Doors open at 7:30PM, performances 8PM-9PM, Sema Gathering 9-10PMAdmission is by donation at the door, all welcome, suggested donation sliding scale $10-$15 (included when you register for the full weekend). 

Dance Workshop Sat. Feb. 4th 11AM-4:30PM
Raqs-e-Pari, Dance of the Fairies and Veil Dance 
In Persian folktales the 'Pari’s' were beautiful, fairy-like creature that sometimes visited the realm of mortals. They are known to be the fairest creation of poetical imagination. They are hidden among the flowers or gardens in “Shahr Zarin” (Golden Land) and can be found in the world of angels. No description can equal the beauty of the female Peri and the highest compliment a Persian poet can pay a lady is to liken her to one of these lovely aerial beings. In this workshop we will enter the enchanting world of the Pari’s and learn the beautiful, gentle movements of Persian dance which portray fairy creatures. Using hand scarves, veils and canopy to tell their magical stories. Workshop includes a background history and costuming, followed by a beautiful Fairy Dance Choreography. Please bring silk veils, large silk veils are better, and hand scarves, there will be some extras here at the studio to lend as well.  We will take a 1 hour break for pot luck lunch/Q&A

Sufi Healing Circle aka ZIKR with Farima Berenji
Sat. evening Feb. 4th 7:30PM-9:30PM

On Saturday evening February 4th,  Farima be leading a Zikr aka healing circle. Zikr is a sufi meditation practice which uses repetitive simple movements and rhythmic chanting as a form of devotion. This evening event is also open to everyone and is done seated, either on the floor or on a chair making it accessible for those with mobility issues. No need to pre register, by donation at the door, suggested donation $10

Workshop Sunday, Feb. 5th 11AM-4:30PM
Dances of Uzbekistan, Samarkhand and Bukhara

We will take the legendary Silk Road to Uzbekistan and learn about Central Asian dance traditions, culture, and history that have existed for two thousand years. These dances traded influences with the dances of India, China, Persia, Arabia and all the way to Europe.  In this workshop you will get an introduction to various styles of Central Asian dance techniques mainly focusing on dances and styles from Uzbekistan. We will learn the beautiful facial expressions, hand and body movements and, various central Asians turns.  We will sample various forms of Uzbek dances such as Bukharan, Ferghana and Khorezm. The workshop will also include a short background history of culture, music, and costuming and, will be followed by a fun choreography.  We will take a 1 hour break  for pot luck lunch/Q&A

Total fee for the full weekend intensive (includes Friday evening event and dance workshops Sat. & Sun.) is $200 OR $225 after Jan. 1st, 2017
Farima would prefer that students do the full weekend intensive!
Fee for one day workshop is $115 before Jan. 1st OR, $125 after Jan. 1st
To secure your place in the weekend intensive, send a deposit of $100 to Cathy Stoyko. 
Dancers in the Comox Valley area can drop off their deposit in person at the Abbey Studio, 2687 Penrith Ave. Cumberland
OR send a cheque made to Cathy Stoyko, Box #1196 Cumberland BC, Candada, V0R 1s0  
OR via email money transfer 
Contact Cathy Stoyko at (250) 218-0704 or email cdstoyko@uniserve.com  
*When your deposit has been received, your place will be held. The balance is due in cash on the first day of workshops, by Sat. Feb. 4th, 2017 at the latest. Your deposit is non refundable. If the workshop sells out and there is a waiting list, we will do our best to fill your place and provide a refund. 

SORRY, the weekend intensive/workshops are now SOLD OUT.
FYI, all are welcome to attend the Friday and Sat. evening events, no need to preregister, pay at the door, sliding scale.