"Witches in the Woods, the Shadow Path"

photo Robin Konstabari

     It's been a whirlwind Fall with exciting projects and long time dreams realized! Recently I was immersed in the Forest Stories production of "Witches in the Woods, the Shadow Path", a promenade ritual/theatre piece in Cumberland Community Forest at night. This production was a collaboration with local community builder, visionary and force of nature Maeghan Cursons and, was part of annual fundraising efforts for the CCFS (Cumberland Community Forest Society). The event involved a cast and crew of over 30 community members and included; live music, poetry and dance. I created masks, props, costumes, choreography and helped develop the concept and overall production design with Meaghan and others. This promenade style production in the forest has been years in the making and was workshops at smaller Forest Story events held at the Abbey Studio over past 3 years. We have been overwhelmed by the positive responses, three sold out runs in one evening and moving reviews from those that attended. 

Here's one review~

"Witches in the Woods" performance in the Cumberland Forest last night. Pictures and words can not capture how amazing and feral and ancient and magical the experience was! Like being inside of a dream. Dancers dressed as Amanita mushrooms with long silky white fans spinning against the black of night, the mossy rainforest hanging over head. Ohhh goosebumps!! The enactment of the old Russian folklore- Vasilisa and Baba Yaga. A creature-esque violinist played hauntingly beautiful music as you wound through the dark forest, encountering other creatures and delights. The wise old witch of the woods reminded us all through poetic monologue to honor the ancestors, denounce greed & the destructive powers that be. To release hopelessness and to believe again. I only wish this was on another night or two. I would try to convince everyone I know here to go. Amazing job to everyone involved!!! Wow.  

Photos by Catriona De La Torre

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